WEROCK presents new Fully Rugged Tablet series Rocktab Ultra

Rocktab U212 & Rocktab U214 with mechanic working in background

WEROCK Technologies GmbH, innovative manufacturer of industrial IT and communication solutions, presents the Rocktab Ultra U200 series, two new industrial rugged tablets for high-end requirements with sunlight-readable displays and powerful processor options.

Designed to be reliable companions with maximum performance, the Rocktab U200 series tablets feature powerful CPU options ranging from Intel Pentium N4200 to Whiskey Lake generation Intel Core and up to 16 GB of memory as needed. Strong luminosity is a prerequisite for tablets to be easily readable even in direct sunlight. The Rocktab U212 and U214 mobile computers are available in two display sizes, 11.6 inches and 13.3 inches respectively, and feature a sunlight-readable display with up to 1000 cd/m² brightness. The robust touchscreen can be operated with fingers, work gloves or the included touch pen. Operation in the rain or with a dirty touchscreen is also possible. With a particularly high contrast and a viewing angle of 89° from each axis, the displays have top features. U212 additionally scores with an “anti-glare” surface for reduced reflections when working outdoors.

Fast and reliable data speed is realized by state-of-the-art WLAN technology. The built-in 2×2 MU-MIMO WLAN adapter supports the new 802.11ax standard, is Wi-Fi 6 certified, and enables data rates of up to 2.4 Gbps. These new features significantly improve the user experience in dense deployments and support fast uploads and downloads, lower latency and longer battery life compared to solutions that only support 802.11ac. Switching between different access points is seamless in milliseconds without disconnecting. Future-proof and ready for industrial applications of all kinds. From connecting barcode scanners, vehicle diagnostics or indoor navigation, the tablets also feature integrated Bluetooth® 5.1. Even outside the company building, the little helpers stay reliably connected thanks to optional 4G LTE and uBlox GPS.

The Rocktab U200 series is fully IP65 certified. This means the devices are resistant to water and dust. They are built to withstand the harshest industrial conditions. With MIL-STD-810G military certification, they can withstand accidental drops from 1.20 m (5 ft), shock, drops and vibration in the harshest working environments down to -20° C and +60° C. Despite the special demands on the housing design, the devices remain lightweight and particularly compact. For example, the Rocktab U212 is only 22 mm deep, making it one of the slimmest tablets in its class.

A long battery life is a decisive factor for productivity for field workers. That’s why the tablets in the Rocktab U200 series are equipped with particularly large, user-replaceable batteries with up to 76 Wh (Rocktab U212) and 91 Wh (Rocktab U214). Furthermore, the battery of the U212 is even “hot-swappable” – it can be replaced during use and enables a potentially unlimited, uninterrupted battery life. Charging is done via a charging port, docking stations for the office or for integration into cars, trucks, forklifts, etc. Battery charging stations are also available for increased power demands.

The tablets can be individually configured to the user’s needs and offer unparalleled flexibility. On the one hand, the user experience can be optimally tailored to the intended use through an extensive catalog of accessories, and on the other hand, the device itself can be supplemented by processor and memory options, but also by additional functions such as a GPS module, a barcode scanner, smartcard reader or RFID module. As a special feature, the Rocktab U214 even offers the possibility to integrate two M.2 SSDs with up to 1 TB.

Special features of the Rocktab U200 series

  • High-end industrial tablets for professional use
  • Sunlight readable 11.6 or 13.3 inch displays
  • High contrast thanks to optical bonding technology
  • Multi-touchscreen with reflection-reducing surface
  • Can also be operated with gloves, stylus and in the rain
  • TPM 2.0 – hardware tamper protection
  • Particularly robust case design, yet only 2.2 cm deep (U212)
  • Shock, vibration and drop resistance according to military standard MIL-STD-810G
  • Ideal for harsh environments as it is IP65 water and dust resistant
  • Huge battery options for uninterrupted work in all scenarios
  • Powerful Intel® Core i5™ and Pentium™ processors
  • 2×2 MU-MIMO 802.11ac dual-band WLAN (WiFi 6 certified)
  • Seamless roaming of different wireless cells thanks to 802.11r
  • Ready for the latest applications thanks to Bluetooth® 5.1
  • Up to 16 DDR 4 RAM memory and 1 TB SSD storage
  • Flexibly configurable with numerous options
  • Stylus with cord and mounting device included
  • Docking stations and other accessories available
  • Long-term availability
  • Climate neutral product: All greenhouse gas emissions from production and transport offset

“The Rocktab U200 series tablets are true masterpieces. They have the best components installed and make no compromises,” says Markus Nicoleit, Managing Director of WEROCK. “In addition to the powerful options, the displays are particularly ingenious, as they are especially bright as well as high-contrast and easy to read from any angle. Thanks to the flexible configuration, the devices can be optimally adapted for any application” continues Nicoleit.

Rocktab U212 and U214 can be ordered immediately from WEROCK or authorized sales partners. Like all of the company’s products, the tablet’s carbon footprint, which is inevitably created by production and transport, is fully offset via WWF Gold Standard climate projects. More information is available at https://www.werocktools.com/products/rugged-tablets/. To expand the sales network, interested system houses can contact WEROCK for partner registration.

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