Bodycams – How to use them in compliance with the law

SICHERHEIT. Das Fachmagazin published our article “Bodycams – How to use them in compliance with the law” in its 13th editoral on the safe use of bodycams. The magazine offers companies, authorities and organizations valuable and, above all, practical knowledge on the topics of corporate security, emergency and crisis management, security precautions, security awareness, security technology and IT technology. With practical recommendations for action, concrete step-by-step instructions, individually adaptable sample documents, checklists and form templates, as well as innovative tools and downloads worth knowing, SICHERHEIT. Das Fachmagazin. in e-paper format offers unique and free added value.

The article deals with the functions of bodycams as well as the legal requirements for their use. Bodycams are video cameras worn visibly by emergency forces that are used to record operations. The recordings can then be used in court. The mere wearing of bodycams is generally permitted in both public and non-public places. However, the unauthorized and unannounced filming of individuals is not. Filming by non-visible cameras is also not permitted. In order to be able to use the recordings in court and to exclude video manipulation, it must be possible to assign the recordings to a specific bodycam, for example by means of a watermark. Data protection is ensured by mostly integrated encryption at the highest security level. Bodycams can bring a good tool for the conviction of crimes in court, as long as the necessary data protection measures are observed. If you want to learn more about the topic, read the full article at the following link:

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