Why are the Rockbook notebooks in particular considered as workshop laptops?

Why buy a rugged laptop instead of a traditional laptop? Why are these devices promising for the automotive industry? And why are laptops from the Rockbook series, of all things, the right choice for you?

In workshops, dust and dirt often accumulate in the computers. An accidental fall onto a concrete floor usually results in a total loss of the computer. Pushing the laptop onto the tool trolley or the work table of a machine can result in dangerous bumps and vibrations that cause irreparable damage to a laptop that is not robust. Such everyday incidents also affect automotive mechatronics technicians who work in adverse work environments. Consequently, such working environment harbors serious risks for common, ordinary computers. Therefore, robust devices for workshops are necessary.

Features of a rugged laptop

A rugged notebook should have at least two certifications: The IP65 certification (“IP”: Ingress Protection) and the certification according to the military standard MIL-STD-810G.

IP65 rated products have full protection against dust, contact and jets of water from any direction. A rugged laptop can be taken into the garage during a car wash or used outdoors in rainy weather when, for example, a vehicle identification number (VIN) needs to be recorded. So with IP65 protection, you don’t have to worry about your device being damaged by splashing water or dirt. So-called “semi-rugged” devices with IP53 protection offer somewhat weaker protection. These are only incompletely protected against water and dust. They are also no solution in a permanently oily environment.

Certification to the MIL-STD-810G military standard involves a series of performance tests to ensure that products meet specific requirements for military purposes. Devices certified to this standard can withstand extreme temperatures, temperature changes, vibrations and other extreme conditions, making them more than suitable for use in an auto repair shop. In other words, the devices are functional even when dropped on the concrete floor, hot ambient temperature, shocks and vibrations.

Advantages of Rockbook laptops

Normal laptops have the necessary functions to satisfy everyday demands. But the rugged devices in the Rockbook series offer that little bit extra to meet the challenges of an auto repair shop. After all, technicians need to be able to view, interpret and process data collected from the vehicle for various matters wherever they are. This is where the special features of rugged industrial notebooks come into play.

Rockbook computers meet both the need for robustness and expectations of their performance in a car workshop. Based on the following technical data, this can be seen more clearly. The Rockbook X130’s performance is based on the powerful Intel® Core™ i5 quad-core processor clocked at up to 4.2 GHz, which delivers 72% more power compared to the previous 8th generation. It includes up to 32 GB of RAM and the latest Windows 11 Pro operating system. Likewise, the Rockbook X130 has one of the best security features, such as Intel® Device Protection Technology, among others. With further need for a bright display, the Rockbook X550 is suitable for all-day workshop tasks at any location. In addition, Rockbook notebooks also offer connections that you won’t find on conventional devices, such as a serial port or a real Ethernet port.

Whether recording customer vehicles during registration, processing service documents or reading out vehicle data – IT has become an indispensable part of the automotive trade. A robust notebook provides a reliable basis for your special programs for vehicle analysis, but also a convenient way to create reports, invoices, notes. Since Rockbook devices use powerful processors, they can support all this software at the same time. So robust notebooks from WEROCK meet all your needs in your workshop – no matter which model you choose. Request your individual offer today.

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