WEROCK presents management software for Bodycams and Multi Docking Station

WEROCK Technologies GmbH, innovative manufacturer of industrial IT and communication solutions, presents the new software solution for video evidence management Impakt DEMS and a multi docking station for body cams.

Bodycams improve the safety and evidence capability of emergency services. They provide valuable insights from the perspective of the wearer. Recently WEROCK presented Impakt BC200, a robust bodycam with 2K Ultra HD resolution, long running time, pre-recording as well as integrated double encryption and fast loading technology. Now the manufacturer is expanding its portfolio with two new products. The target groups of the Impakt series include police, public services, security services and fire brigades. It focuses on solutions for public safety, documentation and crime prevention.

Centralised video management

The new Impakt DEMS software serves as a central point for managing body cam videos and consolidates all evidence in one place. It automatically transfers from bodycams to the system and allows video footage to be played, searched and deleted. If GPS has been activated with the Bodycam, the history and the current location is clearly displayed on a map during playback. However, access is only possible by authorised persons using user authentication. Every activity is automatically logged by Impakt DEMS and can be traced at any time. If there is no log-in by the operator, only the transmission from body cam to computer is possible. The data is stored locally and requires no internet connection.

Functions of Impakt DEMS

  • Video management
  • Mapped video playback – playback of videos with digital map and current location
  • Decryption of RSA2048 encrypted video
  • Browse and filter videos
  • Mark important videos
  • Deletion of unimportant films after a defined period of time
  • Automatic synchronisation of up to 20 body cams simultaneously
  • Integrated user management
  • Logging of all activities

Straightforward data transfer

With the new 8-slot charging and transfer station for the Impakt BC200 Bodycam, operation for forces is now even easier. It not only provides a suitable place to store the bodycams after use, but also charges them simultaneously and transmits the data to the connected Impakt DEMS system. Once the data transfer is complete, Impakt DEMS deletes the videos on the camera and the camera is ready for the next mission. Thanks to the fast charging technology of the BC200, the body camera is ready for operation again after approx. 3 hours.

“We are pleased to provide a complete universe for evidence management here. Impakt DEMS marks the beginning of the development of modern software for emergency forces,” says Markus Nicoleit, managing director of WEROCK Technologies GmbH. “Our products should empower everyday heroes to do their jobs efficiently and easily. Our first hero is the policeman, others will follow shortly”, reveals Nicoleit.

WEROCK products can be purchased through direct sales or through government suppliers and system integrators. To expand the sales network, interested resellers can contact WEROCK for partner registration. WEROCK offers its partners an exclusive premium service covering the entire range of services as well as competitive conditions.