Climate neutral thanks to partners: WEROCK cooperates with Nullify

WEROCK Technologies GmbH, innovative manufacturer of industrial IT and communication solutions, announces the signing of a cooperation agreement with Nullify. The cooperation enables WEROCK to become completely climate neutral.

The company, which was founded in summer 2020, has set itself the goal of making a positive impact on the environment and being a role model in the industry. The goal of the computer manufacturer is to operate 100% climate neutral without neglecting the needs of its customers. The first products include the Impakt series, a body cam solution for government, the Rockbook X550, a rugged laptop, and the rugged Rocktab L110 tablet for outdoor use.

In today’s society, it is still impossible, whether as a business or an individual, to exist completely without CO2 emissions. Already unavoidable factors such as the daily use of public infrastructure prevent the complete reduction of environmental pollution. “We are pleased that the topic is slowly gaining momentum in the field of consumer electronics”, says Markus Nicoleit, managing director of WEROCK. Nicoleit is well aware of the problems in industrial electronics. “Unfortunately, the topic is much more complex in the field of industrial computers, as elaborate processes with comparatively small quantities make sustainable production difficult. Our customers need robust and resistant devices. At present we cannot do without standard industrial components in production. This applies to the housing as well as battery technologies,” says Nicoleit. Even the mere calculation of emissions can make a sustainable industrial product uneconomical. “As a young company, we do not have a complete research department that could calculate the emissions of each component in the supply chain and constantly research new materials. Nevertheless we want to do something” Nicoleit continues.

The company’s approach is divided into three steps. All of its own products go through these steps and are regularly checked to see if they can be optimised. In the first step, product development is carried out in line with sustainable approaches such as replaceable batteries, repair-friendly housing design or environmentally friendly packaging. The second step is the actual avoidance of emissions such as shipping the product by rail instead of by air freight as is usually the case. All CO2 emissions that could not be saved beforehand are offset in the third step with the help of climate protection projects that bind or save CO2 from the atmosphere. This is where the new cooperation partner Nullify comes into play. Nullify is a specialist for small and medium-sized companies that want to make their business processes more environmentally friendly. Although offsetting does not reverse emissions, it is an important part of a well-rounded climate protection strategy and makes a significant contribution to relieving the burden on the planet. Nullify cooperates exclusively with the highest quality projects, so-called Gold Standard projects. All projects pursue the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

“The cooperation with WEROCK has been a great pleasure for our team at Nullify, as it clearly demonstrates in an exemplary manner that climate-conscious management is already relevant in the early stages of a start-up and should not be put off,” says Christopher Carter, COO of Neutralizer GmbH. “We are looking forward to a fruitful and long-lasting cooperation”, Carter continues.

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