WEROCK tablets available through gfd firefighting dealers

As an up-and-coming brand with a focus on sustainability, WEROCK Technologies GmbH becomes a supplier of rugged tablets to the purchasing association gfd (Gemeinschaft Feuerwehrfachhandel Deutschland). With the mission tablets Rocktab S108 and Rocktab S110, WEROCK focuses on robust standards and enables the use of digital technologies even at risky locations. The brand is thus establishing itself as an important trade and cooperation partner.

The use of robust tablets from WEROCK Technologies opens up completely new application possibilities for the fire department as well as other high-risk professional fields. Whether for emergency and rescue services, the automotive industry, industrial manufacturing companies, the utilities sector or the public sector. As an innovative provider of industrial IT solutions, WEROCK supports a wide range of industries with rugged industrial tablets, rugged notebooks and handheld PDA devices. At WEROCK, the focus is on environmental protection and sustainability, through successful implementation of a positive greenhouse gas balance.

gfd as a partner: The Gemeinschaft Feuerwehrfachhandel Deutschland now stands shoulder to shoulder with WEROCK as a major partner. The gfd is a powerful association of proven specialist trade companies in the field of fire, safety and rescue technology in Europe. With 18 specialist trade companies in Germany and the Netherlands, gfd represents a central link between specialist dealers and suppliers.

“We are looking forward to having gfd as a partner,” says Markus Nicoleit, Managing Director of WEROCK. “The cooperation with gfd means further progress for our company to further communicate our mission to the outside world. The proximity of gfd to the needs of the fire department enables a targeted use of our products,” Nicoleit continues.

Says gfd’s Mark Freitag, “We are looking forward to working with WEROCK, as we are convinced that their products will be a great help to our customers in their daily work, even in the long run.”

All of the company’s products are fully CO2 compensated via climate projects according to WWF Gold Standard. This relates to all emissions that inevitably arise from production and transport. The Rocktab S108 and Rocktab S110 are available to order now and can be purchased from all gfd retail partners. In addition to the S100 series, the company offers other rugged tablets, notebooks and MDE devices. Further information is available at https://www.werocktools.com/.

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