Current world economy – adjustments at WEROCK

Due to the war in Ukraine, significant changes occurred in the global economy during the last two weeks. WEROCK feels compelled to react to these effects accordingly with its own measures.

The economic consequences of the war include strong fluctuations in the exchange rate of the dollar, which has deteriorated significantly against the euro.

At the same time, freight prices, which have been skyrocketing since the beginning of the corona pandemic, are rising. The increasingly popular shipment by train from China to Germany is no longer conceivable due to the current security situation. Airplanes from China now also make a generous detour around Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Despite all these adversities, WEROCK will continue to overcompensate for greenhouse gas emissions. To do so, we are adjusting our calculations to reflect the current circumstances.

We have been able to keep many prices stable for over a year in some cases, but due to the current situation we now have to update some prices. This is our biggest adjustment so far, because in total we have to change the prices of about a quarter of our items. Of course we try to keep the price adjustments as moderate as possible. However, we have to take into account developments in the dollar exchange rate, the sharp rise in transport costs and our climate protection measures.

The price changes are within a range of approx. 3 – 15%. All project prices will remain effective until the effective date, which can be seen on the quotation, and must be re-quoted thereafter.

WEROCK will continue to do its best to keep all measures still required in the future reasonable and to meet its self-imposed climate targets.

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